Participating in the NGI Sargasso Call for Proposals: new deadline 18 december 2023

NGI Sargasso Open 2 Call deadline 18.12.2023 Canadian Chamber in Italy


In an increasingly interconnected world, technological innovation knows no boundaries. The NGI Sargasso project, funded by the European Union under the Horizon Europe program, stands as a milestone for those who wish to contribute to the future of the Internet. With the second cutoff date set for December 18, 2023, the NGI Sargasso call opens up to researchers and innovators ready to shape a more human, secure, and inclusive Internet.

The NGI Initiative and the Sargasso Project

The Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative aims to shape the development of the Internet around people’s fundamental needs, promoting trust, security, and inclusion. The NGI Sargasso project, in particular, aims to strengthen strategic cooperation between the EU, the USA, and Canada, creating an international ecosystem that promotes European values such as openness, inclusion, transparency, privacy, cooperation, and data protection.

Objectives and Ambitions

NGI Sargasso is committed to revolutionizing Internet technologies, services, and standards, contributing to the evolution of the Internet according to a human-centric approach. It is essential that the proposals presented originate from close collaboration with entities from the United States and/or Canada.

Areas of Knowledge and Technological Domains

The call focuses on knowledge areas such as online trust, data sovereignty, digital identity, Internet architecture, decentralized technologies, and interoperability. Proposals may be based on technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and DLT, Cybersecurity, 6G, IoT, and more.

How to Participate

Prospective beneficiaries must follow a clear application process:

  1. Proposal Preparation: Proposals must be prepared in accordance with the provided guidelines, ensuring they meet the eligibility criteria and the objectives of the call.
  2. Submission: Proposals should be submitted via the dedicated online platform by the closing date of December 18, 2023.
  3. Evaluation: The received proposals will be evaluated by experts according to pre-established criteria, including an interview phase.
  4. Final Selection: The best proposals will be selected to receive funding.

Financial Support and Conditions

The call provides financial support for selected projects, with funds distributed indicatively according to the project’s needs. It is important to note that there are specific rules for the subscription and distribution of funds.

Call to Action

Are you an innovator or researcher with a brilliant idea for the future of the Internet? The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Italy is your point of reference for submitting your project and seeking partners. Do not miss this unique opportunity to contribute to a more human and sustainable Internet. Contact us to shape your project and join a community of transatlantic digital pioneers.

For more information and to submit your proposal, visit the NGI Sargasso project website NGI Sargasso and the application platform Remember, the deadline is December 18, 2023. Together, we can build a digital future that reflects our values and meets our needs.

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