Our partners will help you define the approach and strategy for determining the promotion of your products and services and will provide actionable approaches and tools to reach and exceed the average market values.

If your company is preparing to launch a new product, open a new office or simply look for a partner on the Italian or Canadian market, it’s time to join an organization like ours and rooted in the territory.

The knowledge of local businesses and the needs of the labor market will allow you to find in our association an important reference point to enhance and improve your business.

To make this possible is our team of experts and partners located in the main Italian and Canadian regions.

Why Canadian Chamber in Italy

  • We have a proven knowledge of the Italian and Canadian market, with several active projects.
  • We promote analytical tools and approaches that allow you to identify price losses and apply statistic-based adjustments
  • We help you choose combined solutions that affect related areas, including marketing, business strategy, performance enhancement, and organization improvements.

Results You Can Expect

Clear Strategy

We’ll help you develop a sustainable pricing strategy along with implementation of management and monitoring tools and approaches

Cost-Effective Choices

We’ll help you find the best ways to allocate resources and efforts to create maximum value with the minimal risks

Profits Increase

Implementing our approaches and strategy profit growth on average is achieved within 10 months

Better Performance

We’ll help you optimize and improve both financial capital resources and business performance

Case Studies

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Our specialist team

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