Caterina Passariello at ICI Television: “We will create opportunities for contact between Canada and Italy”


The President of the Canadian Chamber in Italy, Caterina Passariello, spoke during the Nick & Silvana broadcast on ICI Television to present the new board and the objectives of the Association based in Rome.

Ms Passariello illustrated initiatives of an informative nature that have already been launched to inform Canadian companies of the opportunities for doing business in Italy, with the aim of creating a connection in favour of Canadian entrepreneurs, young and not, who wish to enter Italy and Europe, thanks also to a network of contacts that the Association makes available to accelerate entry into the country.

Asked about Ceta and the criticism levelled by some, the President replied: “There have been objections animated by preconceptions. Ceta has brought positive results, not only because of the abolition of duties but above all because of the guides and procedures that have been clearly defined in certain sectors. Many companies and professionals were previously unable to work calmly, but now there is greater clarity in terms of respect for the rights and interests of both Canadian and European stakeholders in their respective relationships. Criticism of the Ceta has focused exclusively on agribusiness, which is not the only area covered by the treaty, and has not changed in terms of food safety. But unfortunately there have been issues of misinformation for some companies in the sector.”

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Caterina Passariello then recalled that “Ceta intervenes in sectors that affect business more than the agricultural sector” and that “the agreement does not refer only to the economic and commercial part. As an association we are mainly looking at training, technology and research, which we believe are the basis of our future“.

Asked what is delaying the collaboration between Canada and Italy, Caterina Passariello replied: “At the root of this delay, I think there is a lack of communication and the presence of clichés. When Italians think of Canada, they think of multinationals, when in fact the production sector is very similar to the Italian one, made up of SMEs. Vice versa, Canadians think of Italy as the country of pizza, pasta and the Mafia. The initiatives that we want to organise are aimed at getting countries to get to know each other better by breaking down commonplaces, and at bringing actors into contact by exploiting technology. The countries must make the most of existing cultural ties and new opportunities for collaboration. There is a desire for dialogue but sometimes there is a lack of opportunities to get to know each other and this is part of our mission.”

Finally, President Passariello presented the Ceta Business Forum, which will serve as a permanent digital platform to spread knowledge between the countries, creating new opportunities for dialogue and meetings between entrepreneurs, in the hope of adding a new fundamental element to the meeting between the two countries.

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