G7: Justin Trudeau met with the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi


The G7 was an important opportunity to strengthen relations between Italy and Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with President Mario Draghi on the occasion of the G7 meeting, an important event for Italy itself and for Draghi, who had not yet had the opportunity to exchange ideas, synergies and proposals with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau since he took office.

The meeting focused on a number of important issues, starting with the strong synergy and partnership between Italy and Canada in terms of common values and the affirmation of democracy. The discussion between the two Western leaders was characterised by an exchange of views on the impact of the health pandemic on the world economy and on future relations with China. Canada and Italy want to strengthen their presence in international contexts and promote a prosperous and fair economic approach within the G7 itself. In addition, Draghi thanked Justin Trudeau for his public apology to the House of Commons on the internment of Italian-Canadians during the tragic episodes of the Second World War.

Another important focus was on climate. “It is important to reach an ambitious agreement on the climate“, Mario Draghi stressed to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who agreed on the issue. The meeting with Trudeau was very cordial. The PM underlined the many areas of agreement between the two countries and within the G7 in general. “You picked a good G7 in which to make your debut,” joked Trudeau, who tweeted, “From Covid-19 to Ceta, PM Draghi and I covered many topics at our G7 meeting. We will continue to work together to strengthen the Canada-Italy partnership“.

On economic and trade issues, the two leaders discussed the strong ties between the two countries, and Prime Minister Trudeau encouraged PM Draghi to support, ratify and strengthen the Canada-EU comprehensive economic and trade agreement, CETA, with the goal of helping to unlock further synergies and economic potential for both countries. The two leaders also explored the opportunity for joint participation in the upcoming NATO summit, deepening their common commitment to addressing future threats to Western security and transatlantic peace.

In conclusion, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared his support for Italy and the new G20 Presidency. The two government leaders pledged to pursue a common path of protecting democratic values, addressing inequalities and strengthening the international legal system based on respect for international law and common shared rules.

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