The Canadian Chamber in Italy will participate in RomaExport 2023

RomaExport 2023 - Canadian Chamber in Italy


Rome, Italy – The Canadian Chamber in Italy is pleased to announce its participation in RomaExport 2023, a major national event organised by FEDERITALY to be held in Rome on 30 November 2023. This unique event is dedicated to ‘Made in Italy’ exports and will be attended by over 20 foreign delegations, creating a unique opportunity for international business matching and dialogue between companies.

The Canadian Chamber in Italy, recognised as one of the leading Italian players promoting business relations between Canada and Italy, will bring its experience and expertise to this significant event. The Chamber, with its results-oriented and solution-oriented approach, aims to support Canadian and Italian companies in reaching their full potential, creating vital connections not only in Italy and Canada, but also in Europe.

The RomaExport 2023 event is part of the Federitaly Congress, which will be held on 29 November 2023 and will be a meeting point for debates and comparisons on topics such as sustainability, digital innovation, business competitiveness and corporate finance. More than 30 speakers will be present to discuss crucial topics for the future of the production system, offering solutions and practical strategies for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (mPMIs).

Representing the Canadian Chamber in Italy will be Sergio Passariello, Expert Manager of the Chamber. Passariello will be available for B2B meetings throughout the day on 30 November, offering an exclusive opportunity for companies and professionals to interact and discuss potential collaborations and business strategies. Appointments with Sergio Passariello can be booked directly below.

What is RomaExport 2023

RomaExport 2023 represents an ideal platform for companies aiming to expand beyond national borders, with a focus on Made in Italy and its promotion at global level. It represents a unique event dedicated to Made in Italy exports, designed to facilitate dialogue and connections between professionals and internationalisation-oriented companies.

This event offers a significant stage for Italian companies, allowing them to present products and services to the global market, meet international buyers, and establish crucial business networks. With over 20 foreign delegations, RomaExport serves as a privileged meeting place to explore and expand the presence of Made in Italy internationally.

You can register for free at RomaExport 2023 by clicking here.

The Canadian Chamber in Italy is excited to participate in RomaExport 2023 and to contribute to the success of this important international event.

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