Canada protects Piadina Romagnola Igp

piadina romagnola


The italian Piadina Romagnola Igp has gained protection in the Canadian market, thanks to its inclusion in the list of protected geographical indications recognized by the Trademarks Act, in line with the CETA free trade agreement.

From today, Piadina Romagnola Igp will be present in the great Canadian market as a non-imitable product, respecting the four typical ingredients of tradition (flour, water, salt, fat or lard or oil), recognized and certified by the same competent bodies of Canada.

Promoter of the initiative was the Consortium for the Promotion and Protection of Piadina Romagnola Igp assisted by the technical support of Origin Italia, in a path undertaken just under ten months ago following an attempt to counterfeit piadina that took place in Canada in September 2018.

On that occasion, a Canadian private individual had filed with the local trademark registry an application to register the trademark “La Piadina” to identify sandwiches and food services

The Consortium had then decided to fight this request through legal means, until obtaining the cancellation of the trademark registration application by the Canadian Industrial Property Office.

The free trade treaty between the European Union and Canada demonstrates once again that, in addition to eliminating duties, it is structured to defend agri-food products from the risk of counterfeiting and Italian sounding.

As explained by Alfio Biagini, president of the Consortium, Canada represents an important market for the Piadina Romagnola Igp, and from today it recognizes the real piadina produced in the italian area of Romagna, in respect of its tradition. This is a good sign to continue to strengthen the Ceta and the commercial link between Italy and Canada, respecting and enhancing their respective excellence.

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