Canadian visitors to EU countries continuing to grow



Canadians are returning to Europe massively, as insurance company Ratesdotca recently revealed: travel insurance quotes for European destinations surged by nearly 2000 per cent since last year. And Italy marks the largest increase.

Among the EU countries, Portugal is the most popular destination for Canadians, with a 1727 per cent increase in 2022, while France marked a 632 per cent surge in travel quotes. However, the largest increase noticed was 2933 per cent for Italian destinations, whereas the number of Canadians recorded in Spain surged by 1344 per cent.

This surge can be attributed to numerous European countries lifting travel restrictions, which enables Canadians to travel to the EU free of entry and travel restrictions.

As the study shows, all age groups, from the Silent Generation to Gen Z, are more interested in travelling this year than they were a year ago. The latter led with a 1,608 per cent surge, while Millennials’ 702 per cent increase made them the generation least likely to book a trip.

An important role in boosting tourism between Canada and the European Union, and especially in developing new relations between the respective regions of these two important geographical areas, is played by the CETA free trade agreement.

To capitalize on the potential of this agreement, the CETA Business Forum, scheduled for June 22-23, 2022, has been organized: this is the first online matching event dedicated to developing relationships between businesses, associations, and institutions between Canada and the EU, in order to learn in depth about and make use of all the opportunities offered by CETA.

The conference, organised by Malta Business with the partnership of the Canadian Chamber in Italy, will take place through a digital platform able to reproduce an exhibition event at 360°, with the presence of virtual spaces for videoconferences, stands and services for the interaction between the participants.

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