Lombardy seeks to attract foreign investment


Foreign investments in Lombardy: here are the criteria for the expression of interest for the mapping of settlement and investment opportunities in the Region. They have been approved by the Council, chaired by Attilio Fontana, on the proposal of Guido Guidesi, Councillor for Economic Development.

By launching the expression of interest, the Lombardy Region intends to create a wide-ranging and structured investment offer to be presented to foreign investors, as a lever for post-pandemic socio-economic recovery and for maintaining the competitive position of the Lombardy region at international level.

Lombardy is the most attractive region in Italy,” recalled Councillor Guido Guidesi, “and we want to continue to be a privileged destination for foreign investors. This initiative aims to give a concrete opportunity to those who want to invest in Lombardy. Compared to the past, we wanted to introduce some important innovations: the first concerns the inclusion of the type of urban redevelopment and/or development projects on offer; the second is the expansion of the target audience to include not only municipalities but also Unions of Municipalities, Mountain Communities, Provinces and Metropolitan Cities.”

Today,” the councillor added, “I have also written a letter to all the mayors, presidents of provinces and mountain communities in Lombardy informing them of the opportunity.

TYPE OF OFFER – There are two types of offer. The first concerns building areas and existing buildings as an opportunity to establish mainly economic activities, including both ready-to-use and disused areas and buildings. The second is aimed at strategic urban redevelopment and/or development projects for the territory as investment opportunities. For both types of offer, public and/or private property opportunities may be candidates, in the latter case subject to the activation of a public evidence procedure.

DIGITAL PLATFORM WWW.INVESTINLOMBARDY.COM – The settlement opportunities and the investment projects with the accepted functions of use will be published on the new and absolutely simple digital platform www.investinlombardy.com and will be promoted on a national and international scale through specific and targeted actions such as, for example, events, meetings, conferences, conventions, fairs, communication campaigns, publishing.

ADVANTAGES OF THE INVESTMENT – Admission to the expression of interest offers the following advantages: publication on the platform www.investinlombardy.com of an information sheet on the settlement/investment project opportunity. In addition: the promotion of settlement opportunities and investment projects through specific and targeted actions during promotional initiatives on a national and international scale such as events, meetings, conferences, conventions, trade fairs, communication and publishing campaigns. These actions were carried out in cooperation with Promos Italia, the Lombardy Chamber System and in institutional collaboration between the Lombardy Region and Italian and foreign economic diplomacy bodies.

Thanks to this project,” explained Gian Domenico Auricchio, President of Unioncamere Lombardy, “Italian and foreign investors in Lombardy now have access to qualified services to support their decisions, with a single point of access and a dedicated telematic platform that collects investment opportunities. It is with these concrete actions that we want to intercept the economic recovery to consolidate the attractiveness of our territory and thus contribute to creating new economic settlements in our region”.

For years Lombardy has been able to work as a system,” added Alessandro Gelli, director of Promos Italia. “Regional bodies and institutions collaborate with each other and with their national and international counterparts with the aim of developing projects and policies to promote attractiveness. It is no coincidence that the Lombardy region is the most attractive in Italy, with around 200 foreign investment projects having landed in the last three years, and in 2021 there will already be 30 foreign investment projects announced in Lombardy“.

THE PARTICIPATION OF THE TERRITORY – The sites, whether publicly or privately owned, may be put forward by: Municipalities (individually or in aggregation), Mountain Communities, Provinces, Metropolitan Cities (for Provinces and Metropolitan Cities, the criterion is the settlement opportunities within their real estate assets).

ELIGIBLE CATEGORIES FOR SETTLEMENT – As far as settlement opportunities are concerned, the following functions are eligible: production, management, tourism and hospitality, logistics and transport, education and training, student housing, health, care and/or hospital facilities, residential facilities for the elderly and sports facilities.

AREAS SUBJECT TO PROCEEDINGS – Areas and/or buildings subject to bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings, including voluntary liquidation or receivership or composition with creditors, or any equivalent situation under current legislation that may apply, will be published in a dedicated section of the www.investinlombardy.com platform. In the case of disused areas and buildings, the state of the area or building (specifying whether it requires reclamation) will be highlighted on the platform www.investinlombardy.com.

THE PROPOSALS – Proposals submitted must be sufficiently detailed to identify: the economic value of the work, the size of the work, the intended uses identified, as well as other detailed elements that will be specified in specific forms to be published with the expression of interest.

INVESTMENT VALUE – The minimum value of the investment, including the cost of acquiring the area and the cost of implementing the project, will be equal to or greater than 10 million euro, with the exception of projects involving historic and particularly valuable buildings, which may be admitted even if of a lower value; gross floor area equal to or greater than 8,000 sqm, with the exception of projects involving historic and particularly valuable buildings, which may be admitted even if of a smaller surface area.

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